Naked Shoulder Nightmare
Naked Shoulder Nightmare
Naked Shoulder Nightmare
Naked Shoulder Nightmare
Naked Shoulder Nightmare
Naked Shoulder Nightmare

Naked Shoulder Nightmare

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Knife Type:  Vicious Combat
Blade Style: Bowie (not a Nightmare Grind)
Blade Length: Approx 7 1/2 inches
Total Length: Approx 13 7/16 inches   
Weight: 12.2 oz 
Blade Material: Böhler-Uddeholm D2 Carbon Tool Steel  
Hilt/Bolster Material: N/A
Blade Grind: Hollow Grind, Yagu Fatnose Tip, Unsharpened Swage 
Blade Thickness: 0.17 inches
Blade Finish: Mirror
Tang: Full Tang
Ricasso: Yes 
Choil: No
Handle Pins: 2 large, 3 small
Handle Material: Black Micarta, Red Liners
Grip Style: Single finger indent, ergonomic belly for other fingers
Balance Point: Roughly above the foremost bottom edge of the finger indent
Designed by: Forge Master K. Ali
Sheath: Type 8 Leather Sheath

Product is a hand made knife.  All measurements and weights approximate.

Please note that this is a NOT a nightmare grind blade rather it is a recurve bowie with a Yagyu Fat Nose Tip (for enhanced bleed and easy exfiltration).  The fine tip is for ease of penetration; it is supported by the Yagyu Fat Nose and use of custom-knife quality tool steel.  Forge Master K. Ali designed the knife and thought that being on the receiving end would be a nightmare.  He originally designated it as a "Nightmare 2" but we had to rename it to specify the handle style so as to avoid confusion with other products.

The grip is rather special.  The shape combined with the knife's point of balance makes it a joy to hold.  Forge Master K. Ali adapted the finger indent of a Loveless New York Special with the butt of a Loveless Sub-hilt and then improved the side contouring for extra comfort.  He added a Modell Design LLC-style thumbrest, with gimping on both the front and back, for control and withdrawal. 

Note the use of a tapered tang with red liners.

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