Designs For Everything Wing Chun

These are a sampling of the designs done for Everything Wing Chun, the premier supplier of quality Wing Chun teaching information and equipment in the world.  They are sold exclusively through and their authorized resellers (Modell Design LLC does not sell them). EWC orders limited quantities of a large number of designs to maximize coverage over all the Wing Chun lineages.  Many of these limited production runs are one-time only so if you see a pair you like in stock, buy it if you can!

12" Flagship Line Hybrid.  This pair is semi-custom with stabilized Maple handle scales and a different logo.  The photo was taken by Modell Design LLC (who posted it on Wikepdia granting permission only for non-commercial use) and if you see it on an advertisement by anyone else they are in violation of several U.S. laws.  The odds of a third party providing goods of this quality are slim to none.
14" Flagship Line Hybrid
12" Flagship Line Stabber with Black Powder Coat 
13" Flagship Line Choppers
Integral Wing Chun 12" "S" curve Hybrid Swords (only a few privileged folks have them, grats if you are one!)
Tomb Warrior Line 12" Stabber
Premium Line using the D Guard/Handle combination popularized by the Modell Design LLC Long Stabbers