Crediting Other Knife Makers (Please Read This!)

I would like to thank those great knife makers who have provided inspiration for designs or design elements and/or permission. In particular, the Modell Design LLC tanto's find their origin, with permission, in Jay Fisher's work. The use of AISI 304 stainless steel dovetailed bolsters and 8 tactical pins are "best practices" derived from his web-page and work.  

The Sasquatch-style BJD were made with the kind permission of Doug Kennefick, the Randall Knives Dealer who designed the original  Randall Sasquatch Knife blade though he humbly credits others for inspiring him. If you want to special order a Randall Knife and get it inside a year rather than wait 5 years plus, contact a dealer like Doug (860 774-7214). They get priority.  David Broadwell designed a gorgeous joint project, the first ever sub-hilt BJD.  Jerry Hossom and Todd Begg each gave permission for Modell Design LLC to design a BJD based on one of their famous knives.  Jerry also gave permission for a very limited number of tantos with a Hossom-like front bolster/handle look and feel.  The only way to score a Hossom knife at the maker's price is either to get it from him at a show or be the first to say I want it when he posts it for sale on his Facebook page.  The 5 Sifu Butterfly Sword uses a Searles style bowie blade of the type made popular by the high-end knife work of Bruce Bump. His take inspired the 5 Sifu sword blade profile.

Upon very, very rare occasion it is possible to copyright a knife design; the knife basically has to be so unique it qualifies as sculpture rather than a functional implement.  I tried to register copyrights on an aesthetic D-Guard design (that has since become famous) and was told no.  There is not a whole lot knife makers can do to protect their functional designs via a patent.  There is, however, strong legal protection available to inhibit the sale of deceptive copies. Do not confuse any of our work with work made by the inspiring or authorizing individual; we will specifically state if a famous name designed the product, made the product (or his wife, 'Nita, made the sheaths).

Good knife makers respect the "moral right" of other artisans to their original ideas. We do our best to respect the work of others, credit inspiration, get permission where appropriate, fix any gaffs, and follow the golden rule. Sometimes the prototype ends up somewhere on its own regardless of what we thought we were going to make going in to the project and sometimes, frankly, we just fail to catch it until someone points it out.  If you think a Modell Design LLC is too close to one of yours or a maker with whom you are familiar, please let us know so we can do the right thing sooner rather than later!  There have been disagreements (spats) in the knife world between famous makers (not us) as to who designed what first and what is simply public domain. We would prefer to avoid any of these so do not hesitate to let us know if you think there may be an issue.

Modell Design LLC is the premier international designer of Butterfly Swords, and the source of the current generation of ergonomic, modern high-end Wing Chun knives.  Many overseas makers copy our work without permission.  Please be aware that we do not grant any permission whatsoever to the general public to steal our intellectual property or that exhibited in work designed by us for clients.  We cannot stop you from making the product overseas, nor can we likely produce our high quality goods at the same price as your lower quality rip-offs, but there are harsh legal sanctions should someone attempt to sell goods in the USA that can be confused with our designs.  Absolutely do NOT EVER post photographs of our work in order to sell your copies; all photographs are copyrighted so that is a violation of the law even if you are overseas.

If you are inspired by our work, but reasonably believe the end-product is your own, provide an appropriate credit in your sales literature such as "This product was designed and made by ________. It was inspired by the work of Modell Design LLC."



Jeffrey D. Modell, Esq.

Modell Design LLC