How to Buy

Modell Design LLC is primarily a wholesaler of bladed weapons.  The vast majority of our designs are high-end Butterfly Swords for Wing Chun Kung Fu sold by  Most of the more expensive Butterfly Swords shown there were designed here.  We also design weaponry for other martial arts including but not limited to Hung Gar, Shaolin and Kung Fu San Soo.  These are typically sold on this web-page, via private messages on our Facebook page, and through the highly respected knife (and sword) consignment shop Arizona Custom Knives (AZCK).  We show both swords and knives at AZCK.  We would also encourage you to check out Forge Master K. Ali's other work on AZCK.  A few of our designs are there as well as his variations and own work.  Since he makes most of our Butterfly Swords, we generally dual-list them with him on AZCK.  When there is a new design done on spec, we typically send the first one to AZCK and let them price it since they have tremendous expertise.  We recognize many martial artists cannot afford to pay the fair market value for high quality collector grade weapons so we generally get around to making popular high-complexity models in a "Sifu" grade (something your instructor would love to get).  We also sell cosmetic seconds when we have them.  They typically go quickly to friends and family.  We have more seconds than a lot of sword makers since we deal exclusively in weapons grade products which tend to be very unforgiving.

We do custom orders, including school orders, for swords and knives other than for Wing Chun.  If you want something special for Wing Chun, our services are available at a discount through's Custom Shop program.  We get a design fee and they do all the un-fun business things.  If you are seriously interested in custom weaponry feel free to contact us but we ask that you refrain from inquiring until you have made the decision to move forward.

We recently moved our web-site to Shopify so expect a few kinks.  For example, we presently quote fixed prices for shipping, which are going to be fairly accurate.  They include boxing, handling, insurance and shipment by UPS in the USA and generally GXG (U.S. Post plus FedEx) for international.  If you contact us directly we are happy to pass on pretty much the actual cost. 

We offer deep discounts to active duty military and law enforcement personnel but you will need to contact us directly and have proof.