Short Fat Handle PEW
Short Fat Handle PEW
Short Fat Handle PEW
Short Fat Handle PEW
Short Fat Handle PEW

Short Fat Handle PEW

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Knife Type:  Military
Blade Style: Drop Point
Blade Length: Approx 6 1/4" inches (15.9 cm)  
Total Length: Approx 11 7/16" inches (29.1 cm)  
Weight: 12.4 oz (354 grams)  
Blade Material: Böhler D2 Carbon Tool Steel 
Bolster Material: AISI 304 Stainless Steel
Blade Grind: Hollow Grind with Unsharpened Swage 
Blade Thickness: 6 mm
Blade Finish: Satin Finish 
Tang: Full Tang
Ricasso: Yes 
Choil: No
Handle Pins: 8 small tactical pins
Handle Material: Arizona Desert Ironwood
Grip Style: Ergonomic belly to fit the swell of the palm
Balance Point: At the intersection of the front bolster and handle scales
Designed by: Modell Design LLC
Sheath: Overseas made embossed heavy duty leather sheath. Prong instead of snap. Do not store knife in leather sheath long term because the chemicals in leather can corrode/tarnish metal. 

Product is a hand made knife.  All measurements and weights approximate.

PEW stands for personal edged weapon.  The high quality Böhler D2 Carbon Tool Steel takes a fine edge and holds it for a long time (the downside is you need a diamond or saphire hone to resharpen it).  D2 is regarded as the best carbon steel for knives, and is very corrosion resistant for a carbon steel.  With a satin finish there is little reason for adding a coating (coatings tend to disguise flaws or lock in moisture that seeps through a break).  The handle is extra large to increase comfort and reduce fatigue.  The knife features a Yagyu Clan Fat Nose tip.  This ancient Japanese design enhances bleed-out.  Eight small tactical pins and dovetailed AISI 304 stainless steel bolsters secure the scales to the full tang.  The tang is slightly tapered.  The quillons extend down to create a secure grip typically reserved for our military designs.  The raised thumb rest has gimping.