Recon PEW Angled File Work
Recon PEW Angled File Work
Recon PEW Angled File Work
Recon PEW Angled File Work

Recon PEW Angled File Work

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Knife Type:  Military
Blade Style: Drop Point
Blade Length: Approx 7 7/8" inches (20.0 cm)  
Total Length: Approx 13" inches (33.0 cm)  
Weight: 1 pounds 0.6 oz (473 grams)  
Blade Material: Böhler D2 Carbon Tool Steel 
Bolster Material: AISI 304 Stainless Steel
Blade Grind: Hollow Grind with Unsharpened Swage 
Blade Thickness: 6 mm
Blade Finish: Satin Finish 
Tang: Full Tang
Ricasso: Yes 
Choil: No
Handle Pins: 9 small tactical pins
Handle Material: Brown Linen Micarta™/Micarta-Type Material
Grip Style: Ergonomic belly to fit the swell of the palm
Balance Point:  At intersection of front bolster and handle scale
Designed by: Modell Design LLC
Sheath: Overseas made embossed heavy duty leather sheath. Prong instead of snap. Do not store knife in leather sheath long term because the chemicals in leather can corrode/tarnish metal. 

Product is a hand made knife.  All measurements and weights approximate.

PEW stands for personal edged weapon.  The high quality Böhler D2 Carbon Tool Steel takes a fine edge and holds it for a long time (the downside is you need a diamond or saphire hone to resharpen it).  D2 is regarded as the best carbon steel for knives, and is very corrosion resistant for a carbon steel.  With a satin finish there is little reason for adding a coating (coatings tend to disguise flaws or lock in moisture that seeps through a break).  The knife features a Yagyu Clan Fat Nose tip.  This ancient Japanese design enhances bleed-out.  Nine small tactical pins and dovetailed AISI 304 stainless steel bolsters secure the scales to the full tang.  The tang has file work on top and bottom for an enhanced grip.  The point of balance is at the front bolsters.  The quillons extend down to create a secure grip typically reserved for our military designs.  The raised thumb rest has gimping.