CISO-SOG Recon (MACV/SOG Vietnam Era Replica, Böhler 440C) (Prototype)
CISO-SOG Recon (MACV/SOG Vietnam Era Replica, Böhler 440C) (Prototype)
CISO-SOG Recon (MACV/SOG Vietnam Era Replica, Böhler 440C) (Prototype)
CISO-SOG Recon (MACV/SOG Vietnam Era Replica, Böhler 440C) (Prototype)
CISO-SOG Recon (MACV/SOG Vietnam Era Replica, Böhler 440C) (Prototype)

CISO-SOG Recon (MACV/SOG Vietnam Era Replica, Böhler 440C) (Prototype)


This is a modern, higher quality reproduction of the Vietnam War-era MACV/CISO-SOG Recon knife by internationally known Forge Master K. Ali.  This knife is one of 3 prototypes for Modell Design LLC.  

Knife Type:  Combat
Blade Style: Bowie
Blade Length: Approx 7 1/8 inches
Total Length: Approx 12 inches   
Weight: 9.5 oz 
Blade Steel: Böhler 440C High Chromium Martensitic Stainless Steel (Tool Steel)
Hilt/Bolster Material: AISI 304 Austenitic High Nickel, High Chromium Stainless Steel
Blade Grind: Hollow Grind 
Blade Thickness: 0.21 inches
Blade Finish: Gloss
Tang: Hidden Full Tang
Ricasso: Yes 
Choil: Yes
Handle Pins: 0
Handle Material: Leather Washers
Grip Style: Oval 
Balance Point: At the intersection of the hilt and the blade
Designed by: Conrad Ben Baker, 1998
Made by: Forge Master K. Ali
Sheath: Type 8 Leather Sheath, Brown

Product is a handmade knife.  All measurements and weights approximate.

This is a high quality, extremely functional recon-style knife.  Note the use of AISI 304 Stainless Steel for the hilt and bolsters (that's the best you do and such a pain to work with few other custom knife makers will use it). 

There are a lot of production modern duplicates of the original Vietnam era recon knife developed for Special Forces by the Military Assistance Command Vietnam/Studies and Observation Group (MACV/SOG).  There was a good bit of variation among the Recon knife batches during the Vietnam war (commencing with a recall of the first batch to add a choil so the knife could be removed once it got stuck in a target).   Plus, manufacturers did not strictly follow the plans; a major problem was the use of sharp edges on the hilt defying the design intent of allowing a finger to go around it.  The swage profile also varied.  At this point we do not know if the commonly seen blunted tip was the result of breakage or poor sharpening, but our CISO version uses the true clip point illustrated in a few unmodified surviving originals and the plans for the 35th Anniversary CISO-SOG 7th SOG Recon knife by Conrad Baker.

That said, this prototype is not a perfect replica.  The hilt is a little bit more traditional than shown in the plans (where the quillons are more triangular in shape) and our handle is a bit more functional by virtue of a slight belly to ease comfort and retention.  This particular knife has a blunt swage, reducing knife-law worries and improving tip strength.  We have provided a premium leather sheath, no pocket, rather than an original-style stubby pocket sheath.

This knife was designed as a pure killing weapon for special forces during a nasty war.  It is true old-school but has an inestimable panache. Our high-quality render has a spirit that few of even the highest quality knives ever achieve. When you hold it, you have no doubt that it will do the job.  A friend of ours picked it up and said "My God.  When you hold this knife you know someone is going to die."  

Things to Consider Before Ordering:    

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2) These are handmade. There will be slight imperfections on most handmade work commensurate with its pricing. 

3) Plain Language Disclaimer: Knives are inherently dangerous. Glass breakers are also very dangerous to the user and should be used only in cases of life or death, in a manner that avoids exposing the arm or hand to the broken glass after penetration (strike near the edge so the window frame blocks ingress), and with protective gear. Swords with sharp edges are for display only and should not be used for martial arts training. Even blunt swords are dangerous. You agree that you won't sue the Seller, designer or maker for anything related to using this product for any reason whatsoever and you (and we) really mean it!

4)  Sheaths are for transport, not storage.  Do not store knife in or near leather sheaths as tanning oils and vapors are corrosive.