5 Sifu Butterfly Swords 420HC Blade Steel (Cosmetic Seconds, Blunt)
5 Sifu Butterfly Swords 420HC Blade Steel (Cosmetic Seconds, Blunt)
5 Sifu Butterfly Swords 420HC Blade Steel (Cosmetic Seconds, Blunt)
5 Sifu Butterfly Swords 420HC Blade Steel (Cosmetic Seconds, Blunt)
5 Sifu Butterfly Swords 420HC Blade Steel (Cosmetic Seconds, Blunt)
5 Sifu Butterfly Swords 420HC Blade Steel (Cosmetic Seconds, Blunt)
5 Sifu Butterfly Swords 420HC Blade Steel (Cosmetic Seconds, Blunt)
5 Sifu Butterfly Swords 420HC Blade Steel (Cosmetic Seconds, Blunt)
5 Sifu Butterfly Swords 420HC Blade Steel (Cosmetic Seconds, Blunt)
5 Sifu Butterfly Swords 420HC Blade Steel (Cosmetic Seconds, Blunt)
5 Sifu Butterfly Swords 420HC Blade Steel (Cosmetic Seconds, Blunt)
5 Sifu Butterfly Swords 420HC Blade Steel (Cosmetic Seconds, Blunt)
5 Sifu Butterfly Swords 420HC Blade Steel (Cosmetic Seconds, Blunt)
5 Sifu Butterfly Swords 420HC Blade Steel (Cosmetic Seconds, Blunt)

5 Sifu Butterfly Swords 420HC Blade Steel (Cosmetic Seconds, Blunt)


SPECIAL NOTE: The last of these butterfly swords, martial arts grade are available, if any, only at EverythingWingChun.com.  We only have two pair of cosmetic seconds but they are really, really good seconds, just shy of martial arts grade due to some extremely minor scratching or pitting on the blades.  This stuff is simply to tough to show in a photo so the photos below are of firsts. 

We want you to feel confident buying these so IF YOU BUY THEM AND ARE IN THE CONTINENTAL USA, we will take them back no questions asked if you, in your sole discretion but in good faith, determine that the cosmetic issues are more than minor OR you didn't get a fantastic deal at this price!  Just let us know prior to use.

The 5 Sifu Wing Chun knives were designed based on input from Sifu Carmelino Huang Guiao II and four other instructors from the Dr./Grandmaster William Cheung lineage. Dr./Grandmaster Cheung had said that he liked the Hung Gar Long Stabbers but wanted something a bit more pointy. We think these fit the bill. If your lineage uses knives measured to the interior of the elbow DO NOT BUY THESE UNLESS YOU ARE SURE THEY ARE NOT TOO LONG, you may injure yourself. 

These knives are designed for lineages that stab as well as chop and slice. They look sharp at a distance but are blunts intended for training. The tip has also been softened.

These weapons-grade trainers are the first butterfly swords (that we know of) expertly designed specifically for the lineage noted above. They will stab, cut, and execute a back cut. The blade is Searle's bowie style in the format made popular and done so well by custom knife maker Bruce Bump. The D Guard is an entirely new trapper design intended to improve both trapping and hand protection. Since these swords do not flip, there is no wasted space in the knucklebow. The butt is rounded and heavy steel to facilitate bashing. The ergonomic handle is straight to accommodate the back cut and percussion chops versus armor. Note the flat area underneath the choil.  It was designed as a blade stop and actually curves forward in a manner integrated with the choil. You will see el-cheapo Chinese junk with a flat area under the blade that was, in our opinion, intended for manufacturing convenience rather than specifically designed as a feature.

A hidden tang runs from blade to butt, where it is excellently peaned. The tang is blade steel until, according to the forge, the last 1 ½”, then it is welded rod. In technical terms, this is both a full tang (but not an American-style full tang) and a rat-tail tang but not the kind folks should look down on. The hidden tang hollow is filled with resin. This is the same solid tang method we used for the Long Stabbers and one heck of a lot better than the tang on antique butterfly swords.

The scallop under the quillon is to assist trapping; it will not fit a hand. These are trapping only!


Blade Steel: 420HC Stainless Steel, Approx. 56 HRCBlade
Grind: Wide Hollow Grind on both primary cutting edge and swage bevels Blade Thickness: 4mm at ricasso
Tip: Pointy but softened
Blade Sharpness: Blunt. Approx. 2mm thick for primary cutting edge. Swage tapers from 4mm near quillon to 3mm near tip. All cutting edge corners softened.
Blade Finish: Glossy
Blade Ricasso/Choil: These swords have a Ricasso and Choil
Blade Fuller: None
Blade Tapers: N/A
Tang: Hidden Full Tang (the handle hides the full tang)
D-Guard Metal: AISI 304 Stainless Steel, cast
Knuckle-Bow: Minimizes surplus space, designed for a trapper
Handle Material: Black/Greenish Laminated Stabilized Wood (designed to prevent cracking over time). May be some grey or reddish color.
Handle Angle/Alignment: Straight Handle. Tip above handle axis.
Handle Shape: Ergonomic with Belly and Palm-Swell
Handle Type: Full Handles
Flipping vs Trapping: Trapping only. Cannot be held in reverse grip.
Sword Weight: Combat Weight - Each sword weighs approx 1 lbs 9.8 oz (733 grams) per sword. This is just the AVERAGE across all the swords of this model. Because they are hand made, swords in a pair can vary modestly in weight.
Blade Length: Approx. 14 1/16” measured along the spine from the front of the D Guard to the tip
Total Length: Approx. 19 3/8”
Designed by:  Modell Design LLC
Sheath: Not included.  The reinforced nylon 2-in-1 sheath we designed for these came in wrong. The retainer strap is a bit tight on some of them, and too short to use on others, so the blades might slip out.  We are providing the defective sheath anyway for free (compare the discounted price on these to the retail price) but it is strictly use at your own risk. We recommend sheath cases from EverythingWingChun.com or Sai Cases.

Product is a pair of custom designed Butterfly Swords, made by hand.   All measurements and weights approximate.

Here are a few things that make these weapons superior to a lot of your purchase alternatives:

*Excellent value/price ratio

*The D Guard is solidly affixed to the tang (we really care).

*Weapons-grade stainless steel, 420 HC type. 

*Our knives are professionally heat treated because we understand that one of the major knife industry problems is manufacturers doing a lousy heat treatment to save costs.  A great blade steel without a good heat treatment is  swill.  These knives are approximately HRC 56.

*Wide hollow grind.  Tough to do but looks great, a feature frequently requested on expensive full custom butterfly swords.

*Excellent traditional point of balance

*Comfortable full handle yet still able to fit two swords in one sheath

*Ergonomic handle

*Humidity resistant handle material (a laminated resin/glue treated wood product that still expands and contracts, but not as much as cheap Chinese sword wood) 

We do not make any swords for weapon vs. weapon training or cutting exercises.  These are especially unsuitable due to the hollow grind and use of stainless rather than carbon steel.


We sell most of our Wing Chun BJD through EverythingWingChun.com, including custom orders.  EWC supports our butterfly sword design addiction; without their deep pockets and contacts we would be out of the business of improving the state of the art for Wing Chun.  We would greatly appreciate it if you place your order for this product through them.  


This product is a real weapon (even if the edge has not been sharpened) and therefore inherently dangerous at all times.  The user voluntarily assumes the risk of all injury and damage resulting from any use (or misuse) of this product, whether used as intended or otherwise.

The tip is pointed and can stab or scrape quite easily so be very careful, both when practicing and when cleaning the knife.  It is very dangerous to twirl these swords allowing the tip to pass inside your arm near the bicep due to the point (and if sharpened the edge).  Do not drop on tip or smash the tip into hard objects, even if the swords are in the nylon sheath, as it will bend or break.  Unless specifically noted otherwise, the edge will not be sharp but the spine and edge may have 90 degree corners that can cause a scrape, especially if nicked through use.  Arm sensitivity to spine scrapes tends to go away with practice flipping (but no guarantees).  We do not round the corners of the spine (as we did on the flipping only integral knives) under the quillon because that reduces the knife's trapping capability.  Your state or national knife laws may prohibit purchase, importation or transport of these swords (for example, prohibiting sharp blades over a certain length)!  Check your state/country knife laws!  Your local constabulary may regard an unsharpened edge that looks sharp as sharp so be sure to be familiar with your import, transport and ownership laws.  Buyer assumes all risk of confiscation by customs or local authorities.

See the Limited Warranty/Legal section of this web-site prior to purchase!

PHOTOGRAPHS:  The photos show two pair of new knives selected at random from the first production run.   See the essay "Combating Rust on Swords" at this web-site for our two cents worth on how to shiny them up again.  

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