3rd Generation Sasquatch Style Butterfly Swords, Böhler D2 Blade Steel (Collector Grade)
3rd Generation Sasquatch Style Butterfly Swords, Böhler D2 Blade Steel (Collector Grade)
3rd Generation Sasquatch Style Butterfly Swords, Böhler D2 Blade Steel (Collector Grade)
3rd Generation Sasquatch Style Butterfly Swords, Böhler D2 Blade Steel (Collector Grade)
3rd Generation Sasquatch Style Butterfly Swords, Böhler D2 Blade Steel (Collector Grade)
3rd Generation Sasquatch Style Butterfly Swords, Böhler D2 Blade Steel (Collector Grade)

3rd Generation Sasquatch Style Butterfly Swords, Böhler D2 Blade Steel (Collector Grade)

Sword Type:  Individual Swords (full handles, not half-handles).
Sword Construction: Conventional (separate blade, D Guard and handle)
Blade Style:  Hybrid
Blade Length:  Approx 12 1/2" inches (31.8 cm) from tip to D Guard
Total Length:  Approx 17 5/8" (44.8 cm)
Weight:  2 lbs 6.2 oz (1085 grams) and 2 lbs 7.5 oz (1120 grams)
Blade Material:  Böhler D2 Carbon Tool Steel 
D Guard Material:  Cast AISI 304 stainless steel, extra-wide
Blade Grind:  Very wide Hollow Grind culminating in wide sharp "V" edge, swage
Blade Sharpness:  Edge sharp.  Sharps are for display only, too dangerous for training.  Swage is unsharpened.   
Blade Thickness: 9 mm at the widest point
Blade Finish:  High Gloss Finish
Tang:  Full (American-Style) tang, Tapered
Ricasso:  Yes
Choil:  Yes
Quillion Design:  Hybrid (can flip and trap)
Knuckle Bow Design:  Rounded, minimal extra interior space
Handle Type:  Full Handles
Handle Material:  Black Phenolic (i.e., Micarta(TM)-type material), Red Liners
Pins: 1 Large Mosaic Pin, 8 Small Tactical Pins
Grip Style:  Full handles with belly
Balance Point:  Conventional to permit flipping
Designed by:  Modell Design LLC
Sheath: not included (check out Everything Wing Chun's carry cases for sharps)

Product is a pair of custom designed Butterfly Swords with the K. Ali Knife Maker logo of the Forge Master at Iron Man Steel/Iron Man Knives who crafted them.  All measurements and weights approximate.

Perhaps the most difficult to make Randall knife is the big Sasquatch re-curve designed by Randall Dealer Doug Kenefick.  Doug, after noting his design was inspired by the work of Rod Chappel and Gil Hibben, gave Jeff Modell his blessing to adapt the Sasquatch blade for Wing Chun Butterfly Swords.  The first run consisted of fourteen pair in satin finish hammered 9260 carbon steel with Jeff's signature rounded belly handle. It merited a page in Blade Magazine!  The second run, again fourteen pair, featured less-maintenance intensive Böhler D2 steel in high gloss, imported Cocobolo handle material, a different handle design, and five pair with mosaic pins as well as the eight small tactical pin job. This is the first of the third run. It is also Böhler D2 steel but we went back to the original handle and added several high-end custom knife finish features (liner, tapered tang) and increased the length a tiny bit.

All three of the runs were hand-made to Jeff’s design by Forge Master K. Ali (that's our forge, not Randall!).  They are traditionally balanced to allow for rapid movement and flipping between a forward and reverse grip.

The D Guard is cast AISI 304 stainless, extra wide to accomodate the extraordinarily thick blade. 

The swords you see in the photos are the swords you get.  We have on pair for sale. There are a few earlier generation pairs at a consignment reseller but we do not expect to have more in stock anytime soon.

D-2 Tool Steel is notoriously difficult to polish to a mirror finish level, and generally takes on what is described as an orange-peel look as a result of the attempt.  While we can due a true mirror finish on D-2, these are just a gloss finish (i.e., a satin finish repeated through finer grits until it is glossy but still showing very fine striations).  You can see your reflection in them.  We work with some fairly difficult materials, use the best construction methods we can think of and a certain percentage of the output shows some minor D Guard pitting or a miniscule finish flaw.  In some cases there will be a short black line between the tang and the D guard at the rear. If we discover a product has a structural flaw, we will not sell it -- the classifications are just for cosmetic issues. This pair is of outstanding quality and rated by us as Collector Grade.  We consider it functional art suitable for passing down through the generations as an heirloom.

These swords are serious weapons and consequently offered for sale as display swords (or self-defense if you are an expert user) only AND WE REALLY MEAN IT!

Things to Consider Before Ordering:

1) Check with your local laws to determine the legality of all items ordered. Seller is not responsible for any items seized by customs or other authorities and will not knowingly make shipments to countries where any items are illegal. By placing an order, you are representing that you are an adult, the product(s) ordered are lawful in your local jurisdiction and that you will use the products in compliance with all applicable laws. You accept full responsibility and costs for all customs fees and VAT. Seller will not replace or refund any item confiscated by local authorities or customs agents.

2) These are handmade. There will be slight imperfections on most handmade work commensurate with its pricing. 

3) Plain Language Disclaimer: Knives are inherently dangerous. Glass breakers are also very dangerous to the user and should be used only in cases of life or death and with protective gear. Swords with sharp edges are for display only and should not be used for martial arts training. Even blunt swords are dangerous. You agree that you won't sue the Seller, designer or maker for anything related to using this product for any reason whatsoever and you (and we) really mean it!

PHOTOGRAPHS:  Taken by Jeff Modell.

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